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At Altogether Travel, we provide certified care and bespoke one-on-one holiday experiences for people with age, disability, and/or health-related needs.

Travel in confidence with the UK's first registered Care Inspectorate travel company.


Long-distance travelling comes with a long list of hurdles. These challenges exist for people without care-oriented needs. When you then include matters such as age, having a disability, dealing with a health problem, or even having anxiety, holidays really can turn into an ordeal.

Fortunately, Altogether Travel provides travel companions. From booking your trip to meeting you at your house, hotel, or departure point, we’ll provide the required assistance throughout your entire journey. We’ll help you seamlessly navigate mobility issues, baggage handling, check-ins, and security while providing companionship for your journey. By the end, you’ll safely and comfortably reach your destination. It doesn’t matter where you visit across the globe—we’ll provide the assistance you need.


When it comes to care based travel you’ll find that most options are based around group holidays. While this suits some it means that your holiday is tailored to what a group wants not you and so you could end having to participate in trips or activities that simple aren’t your cup of tea. Where Altogether Travel stands out is that we only offer one on one support so your holiday and support is focused on you and what you want to do.

As a registered care provider, you can be confident that your care needs will be replicated at the holiday destination of your choice. We will work with you or your carers to identify what support you need to make sure you have a wonderful holiday. We will then create a holiday plan that details the care you will receive whilst away.


Insurance, as a differently-abled traveller, is often challenging to obtain or entirely unsuitable for your needs. It’s been our experience that insurance is one of the biggest obstacles that’s prevented you from travelling in the past. Given our dual expertise in both travel and care, we’re your ideal advocate when it comes to getting reliable travel insurance. You need not worry about this headache, as we’ll help find you an affordable rate with features that meet your unique needs. Altogether Travel offsets your insurance struggles because we’re an appointed introducer of Just Travel Cover.

UK Care Inspectorate Registered

We're the first travel company in the UK to be registered with the Care Inspectorate.  They assess at the quality of care provided by us to ensure it meets high standards so you know you or your loved one are in safe hands when they travel with us.

Dream Holidays tailored for you

Because our care is one on one and not part of a group this really is your holiday, no-one else's. Tailored to your needs with the support your require and the experiences you want to have let us help you plan your perfect holiday.

Award Winning

We're grateful to have won multiple awards for our hard work and dedication in the care sector and we hope they demonstrate how hard we work for our customers.

Carers you'll enjoy spending time with

You'll get the chance to meet your travel companion before you go on your holiday. All of our team are all experienced and highly trained carers that love to travel and meet new people so you can relax knowing your going to have a great time.

Helen, Bristol.


Out of all the supported holiday companies I have used Altogether Travel is by far the best as I get to choose where to go on holiday.

Mr & Mrs S Cornwall


We had an amazing holiday and experience, we cannot thank Altogether Travel enough. Already planning next year’s holiday.

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