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Our Top 10 Accessible Cities in Europe

Altogether Travel has used our customer feedback, combined with our expert knowledge and we have created our top 10 Most accessible cities in Europe.

Why not check them out and if you haven’t visited one of them yet then what is stopping you?
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2nd Lyon, France
Many consider Lyon to be the food enthusiast capital of France. Despite inclines and cobbled streets, there are lots of accessible areas to explore. If you are in any doubt about this destination, Lyon won ‘EU Access City Award’ in 2018.
1st Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Rotterdam was impacted greatly with WW2, recovering to it what it is today. Contemporary buildings have supported the city’s reputation for accessibility.

3rd Barcelona, Spain
A popular destination for people across the world, Barcelona is not to be forgotten as host of the 1992 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. The city has been updated, developing accessibility.
4th Madrid, Spain
This capital city has a top guide ‘Accessible Madrid’, showcasing accessible tourist areas and great detail is included. Exactly what we want to see!
5th Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg was crowned ‘EU Access City Award’ back in 2012. This title still very much applies today with accessibility by the Alps. Floors have been lowered, ramps extended, with the vast majority of public transport being completely accessible. This has been achieved by working alongside locals with disabilities.
6th Gothenburg, Sweden
Gothenburg achieved ‘EU Access City Award’ more recently in 2014, with a focus on ensuring accessibility throughout spaces for the public. Travel Instructors were formed to assist people with accessibility concerns.
7th Ljubljana, Slovenia
This capital of Slovenia is building on its accessibility reputation, enforcing new developments to provide accessible buildings and most buses provide low flooring. Also showcased is a tactile guide, highlighting various routes to be explored with people in mind, living with visual impairment or blindness.
8th Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt is known for its Christmas markets and blending tradition with the contemporary, committed to removing barriers people experience – even to enjoy skyscraper views! Also in place is a city tour for people with visual impairment called ‘Feeling Frankfurt’.
9th Budapest, Hungary
Budapest has a focus for accessibility, working towards achieving greater accessibility by 2030. Currently many buses have lowered floors, and historical trams (known locally as trolleys!) offer full access.
10th Milan, Italy
Milan has been driven since 2011 to address accessibility, being awarded ‘EU Access City Award’ not too long ago in 2016. The central train stations of the city are completely accessible, with tourist routes highlighted online for accessibility.

Beyond our Top 10

There are so many accessible destinations to choose from! Beyond our Top 10 here are a few more we think you may be interested in.
Vienna, Austria
This capital has lots to offer, both with information and accessibility. Vienna has an official travel page with accessible attractions, places to eat, famous opera houses and theatres.
Oslo, Norway
As this country’s biggest city, Oslo has achieved close to fully accessible public transport. The harbour destination’s boats and ferries are also known to be accessible.
Cologne, Germany
Aside the river Rhine, Cologne has driven accessibility improvements since 2004 and welcomes more people with various accessible tour options to experience landmarks such as its famous Cathedral. Also, a local brewery if this may interest you!
Stockholm, Sweden
This capital has a dedicated accessibility Vice-Mayor, focused on developing improvements for access. Throughout the city ramps are in place, with cross points for pedestrians designed for people with visual impairment and wheelchair users.
Berlin, Germany
Berlin is well known for its focus for accessibility, collaborating to drive the removal of barriers people may face with mobility. Most improvements have involved buildings open to the public, as well as transport.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Scandinavia in general is a major forward-thinker in terms of accessibility. This applies inclusive of Copenhagen’s contemporary Black Diamond building, historical Palace, and amusement park. Lots of exploring to do whatever your interests!