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Holiday Destination Costs & Tipping

We understand being budget conscious, as Altogether Travel strives to find you the best deal with your holiday preferences. As everyone with a love for travel knows, costs don’t stop once the holiday is booked – we have looked into some common local costs at different destinations to show the most recent estimations from 2019. There may be a few surprises!

We hope this may be helpful when considering a holiday, and that we might highlight some destinations you are interested in checking out for yourself.
Can you spot where popular destinations sit in the rankings?
We’ve shown average costs for coffeedinner and 2 nights stay at a 3* hotel.

We then take a look at tipping culture in different destinations.

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A Cup of Coffee
Under £1

57p Algarve (Portugal)
61p Lisbon Coast (Portugal)
70p Sunny Beach (Bulgaria), and Puglia (Italy)
87p Porto (Portugal)
89p Marmaris (Turkey)


£1.05 Torremolinos, and Alicante (Spain)
£1.22 Vilnius (Lithuania)
£1.31 Bratislava (Slovakia), and Lisbon (Portugal), and Nice (France)
£1.32 Ibiza (Spain)
£1.33 Belgrade (Serbia)
£1.35 Porec (Croatia)
£1.40 Barcelona (Spain)
£1.48 Zadar (Croatia)
£1.49 Nice (France)
£1.53 Sliema (Malta)
£1.57 Ljubljana (Solvenia)
£1.58 Benidorm (Spain)
£1.66 Madrid (Spain)
£1.72 Dubrovnik (Croatia)
£1.75 Limassol (Cyprus), Sorrento (Italy), Cardiff (Wales), Venice (Italy)
£1.76 Budapest (Hungary)
£1.83 Istanbul (Turkey)
£1.84 Majorca (Spain), and Berlin (Germany)
£1.92 Toulouse (France), and Palma (Majorca)
£1.98 Prague (Czech Rep)

Over £2

£2.10 Valencia (Spain), Verona (Italy), and Hamburg (Germany)
£2.11 Antwerp (Belgium)
£2.12 Krakow (Poland)
£2.18 Tallinn (Estonia)
£2.19 Crete (Greece), Paphos (Cyprus), and Corfu (Greece)
£2.25 Bucharest (Romania)
£2.27 Athens (Greece), and Amsterdam (Netherlands)
£2.35 Moscow (Russia), and Belfast (N.Ireland)
£2.45 Rome (Italy)
£2.53 Paris (France)
£2.54 Warsaw (Poland)
£2.59 London (England)
£2.62 Lille (France), and Bruges (Belgium)
£2.71 Riga (Latvia), Strasbourg (France), and Munich (Germany)
£2.73 Geneva (Switzerland)
£2.80 Edinburgh (Scotland)
£2.84 Dublin (Ireland)
£3.01 Stockholm (Sweden)
£3.06 Vienna (Austria), and Helsinki (Finland)
£3.07 Halkidiki (Greece)
£3.51 Zurich (Switzerland), and Reykjavik (Iceland)
£3.88 Oslo (Norway)
£4.12 Copenhagen (Denmark)

3 Course Evening Meal for 2 adults
(with bottle of house wine)
As you can see below, cheaper coffee doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a cheaper dinner too.

£21.88 Sunny Beach (Bulgaria)
£29.38 Algarve (Portugal)
£33.24 Torremolinos (Spain)
£34.09 Marmaris (Turkey)
£36.65 Athens (Greece)
£36.66 Istanbul (Turkey)
£37.17 Benidorm (Spain)
£38.11 Warsaw (Poland)
£38.94 Sliema (Malta)
£39.67 Porto (Portugal)
£40.77 Moscow (Russia)
£41.22 Halkidiki (Greece)
£42.09 Crete (Greece)
£42.10 Paphos (Cyprus)
£42.51 Prague (Czech Rep)
£43.59 Belgrade (Serbia)
£44.45 Majorca (Spain)
£44.84 Vilnius (Lithuania)
£45.44 Lisbon (Portugal)
£45.59 Limassol (Cyprus)
£46.22 Bucharest (Romania)
£49.28 Bratislava (Slovakia)


£50.51 Alicante (Spain)
£52.25 Toulouse (France)
£52.43 Valencia (Spain)
£53.13 Rome (Italy)
£53.22 Lille (France)
£53.66 Porec (Croatia)
£54.15 Dubrovnik (Croatia)
£55.19 Budapest (Hungary)
£56.27 Madrid (Spain)
£57.00 Cardiff (Wales)
£59.19 Nice (France)
£59.86 Riga (Latvia)
£59.94 London (England)
£60.16 Corfu (Greece)
£60.21 Palma (Majorca)
£60.29 Verona (Italy)
£61.17 Barcelona (Spain)
£62.48 Hamburg (Germany)
£62.92 Dublin (Ireland)
£63.14 Ibiza (Spain)
£65.23 Zadar (Croatia)
£65.64 Krakow (Poland)
£65.90 Edinburgh (Scotland)
£66.28 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
£66.64 Puglia (Italy)
£67.46 Vienna (Austria)
£67.52 Lisbon Coast (Portugal)
£67.98 Munich (Germany)
£69.91 Strasbourg (France), and Bruges (Belgium)

Over £70

£70.78 Ljubljana (Solvenia)
£71.65 Tallinn (Estonia)
£72.00 Belfast (N.Ireland)
£74.80 Berlin (Germany)
£77.77 Antwerp (Belgium)
£78.08 Geneva (Switzerland)
£80.67 Sorrento (Italy)
£86.51 Paris (France)
£88.26 Venice (Italy)
£112.72 Helsinki (Finland)
£115.08 Zurich (Switzerland)
£123.77 Reykjavik (Iceland)
£128.95 Copenhagen (Denmark)
£130.08 Stockholm (Sweden)
£141.22 Oslo (Norway)

2 nights’ 3* Accommodation
(weekend) for 2 adults
You could stay 2 nights in one destination, or stay longer somewhere else for similar cost.
Under £100

£67 Riga (Latvia)
£70 Vilnius (Lithuania), and Istanbul (Turkey)
£76 Dubrovnik (Croatia)
£77 Porto (Portugal), and Moscow (Russia)
£79 Prague (Czech Rep)
£81 Warsaw (Poland)
£83 Belgrade (Serbia), and Athens (Greece)
£86 Budapest (Hungary)
£89 Bucharest (Romania)
£90 Bratislava (Slovakia), and Nice (France)
£91 Krakow (Poland)
£95 Tallinn (Estonia)


£100 Lisbon (Portugal)
£103 Strasbourg (France), and Valencia (Spain)
£104 Toulouse (France)
£109 Berlin (Germany)
£111 Vienna (Austria)
£116 Rome (Italy)
£124 Ljubljana (Solvenia)
£129 Munich (Germany)
£136 Edinburgh (Scotland), and Venice (Italy)
£139 Lille (France)
£150 Paris (France)
£162 Stockholm (Sweden)
£168 Oslo (Norway)
£175 Palma (Majorca), and Hamburg (Germany)

Over £175

£177 Verona (Italy)
£181 Cardiff (Wales), and Madrid (Spain)
£184 Belfast (N.Ireland), and Geneva (Switzerland)
£186 Bruges (Belgium), and Copenhagen (Denmark)
£191 London (England)
£193 Reykjavik (Iceland)
£194 Barcelona (Spain)
£197 Zurich (Switzerland)
£214 Antwerp (Belgium)
£218 Helsinki (Finland)
£257 Dublin (Ireland)
£270 Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Tipping on Holiday

Destinations across the world will have services of hotel porters, restaurant and bar staff, and taxi drivers. In most countries, it is customary to leave a tip if you have received good service, but how much you should leave varies from country to country, and in many cases, how satisfied you were.
The tipping culture of a destination ensures you know when a ‘cover/ service charge’ includes a tip in your bill, and a discretionary tip when dealing with things like restaurant bills. It also helps you to understand which cultures expect a tip as standard.

Spain is similar to the UK, as a service charge is not included in the bill and 10% of your total is recommended. A tip is not expected by taxi drivers and hotel porters, so it’s your choice.

Turkey 10% is recommended for restaurant, bar and hotel staff including porters, housekeeping and at reception. Again no tip is expected by taxi drivers.

Croatia With hotel, restaurant and taxi drivers a tip is expected. 10% is recommended, and with taxi drivers it is acceptable to round up the bill.

Cuba Tipping is part of Cuban culture due to low wages and locals may rely on tips to live. Musicians are typically not paid to perform. Tip whatever you can to anyone providing you with a service, such as toilet attendants.

India Although tipping is up to you in India, it is normal for tourists to. Recommendations vary – hotel porters and restaurant staff around INR 50-100, coach drivers INR 150 per person per day, and tour managers INR 250 per person per day. INR 50 = around 55p.

South Africa is similar to India – hotel porters and restaurant staff around £3-4 per person, safari lodge staff £2-3 per room per day (put in a central tip box), safari guides £5-8 per person per day, and mobile safari camp staff share out tips of around £7 per person per day.

USA Tipping is high in the USA, around 18-20%. But for this you can expect a high standard of service with staff.

Japan Tipping is not expected in Japan and is safer not to tip to avoid offending people with the wrong amount. It is completely acceptable to be polite and thank staff verbally.

China Like Japan, tips are not expected in China. However with local guides you can tip what you want.

Israel Tipping between 10-12% is usually expected for hotel, restaurant and other tourism staff. A tip is not expected by taxi drivers.