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About Altogether Travel: The Company That Cares

When our founder – Stephen Chalmers – established Altogether Travel back in 2011, it was with an innovative vision: Empowering those with care-based needs to enjoy the endless possibilities of travel. Undoubtedly, we live in a time where the freedom and spaces people can travel seem boundless. But that’s only the case for those without struggles related to age, disability, or other health-related issues.

The fact is, before Altogether Travel, would-be travellers with the needs and obstacles listed above weren’t adequately seen or heard. Because of these circumstances, enjoying the fulfilling and enriching experiences associated with travel were virtually off-limits.

Sure, you could travel if you had unique needs, but it’s daunting to organize the necessary accommodations. Stephen, having spent multiple decades in the care industry, noticed this issue. It was an oversight within the travel space that he felt inspired to remedy. After all, having specific care-oriented needs shouldn’t prevent you from taking in the beauty and splendour of the world. From there, Stephen worked tirelessly to blend his unparalleled knowledge of the care industry with the intricacies of travel. He collaborated with experts in both spaces to craft and hone the Altogether Travel experience. With our team’s help, people with all manner of needs across the UK can enjoy their holidays to the fullest. Providing these travel opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist is a source of pride for us that can’t be rivalled.

What’s the Secret to Our Care-Oriented Travel Services?

There’s one thing that distinguishes us at Altogether Travel from the rest of the agencies in the UK. That being we’re the only holiday company that’s Care Registered. What does that mean? Provided you need care due to your health, age, or a disability, we have an ingrained support system to help you through every facet of your holiday. Being certified to provide these comprehensive services means we’re familiar with the tiniest nuances involved. No stone will go unturned nor will any detail go overlooked when ensuring your travels are seamless, relaxing, and pleasurable. More specifically, our unique, one-of-a-kind expertise will give you the utmost freedom during any trip. You won’t feel limited because we’ll be there, lending an empathetic hand, every step of the way.

Put Your Trust in Us, and You’ll Experience a Holiday Like Never Before

During your holiday, from the moment you contact us to the second you arrive back home on your front doorstep, Altogether Travel provides comprehensive support. More specifically, we’ll first help you plan and book your trip. From there, we’ll coordinate services to replicate your support needs with our extraordinary companions at your dream destination. At Altogether Travel, we intend to do something remarkable and make a positive difference in your life. We cherish the trust and faith that our clients have in us.

Travel in confidence with the UK's first registered Care Inspectorate travel company.

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Helen, Bristol.


Out of all the supported holiday companies I have used Altogether Travel is by far the best as I get to choose where to go on holiday.

Mr & Mrs S Cornwall


We had an amazing holiday and experience, we cannot thank Altogether Travel enough. Already planning next year’s holiday.